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This module implements {{Duración}}. It tries to add a microformat to a duration (hh:mm:ss or mm:ss) whenever possible. If the module is unable to add hAudio microformat (and the input does not contain the microformat) then the page will be included in Categoría:Venciclopedia:Duración sin microformato hAudio (1).


This template should normally be called through {{Duración}}, and used as {{#invoke:Duration|main|duration=duration}} when included in other templates.

Valid parameters are numbered parameters 1, 2 and 3, and unnumbered parameters |h=, |m=, |s= and |duration=. |duration= should not be used in {{Duración}}, as |1= can provide the same function.

The two triplets of parameters accept numbers as inputs (hours, minutes, seconds respectively). Only |3= and |s= can contain decimals; the others must be integers. The seconds value must not exceed 60, and the minutes value must not exceed 60 if there is an hours value. If the inputs are not recognized as numbers, an error message is returned.

|1= and |duration= accept strings. If the string contains a microformat then the string will be returned without modification. Otherwise, the module will attempt to add an hAudio microformat to the first unformatted duration found. If the string contains more than one duration, only the first one will have a microformat added.

Errors are placed in Categoría:Venciclopedia:Duración con errores de parámetros (2).